Recentish Reading: Politics as Demon Possession?


Politics as Demon Possession at Experimental Theology (May 2010). Richard Beck thinks that because we get so worked up over politics, more even than over religion (debatable), it must be because “ultimate things are at stake and it’s up to us to get this right: “Politics is, at root, the human quest to be God, the quest to save ourselves. We become (or, more precisely, our political ideology becomes) the Messiah. And we worship this Messiah and defend it more vigorously than we’d ever think of defending God Himself.”

In the comments, he seems to equate religion with ‘The Kingdom of God,’ whereas politics isn’t; my take is that the Kingdom of God is largely about politics, i.e, relationships among humans (and other living beings, too, I think), how we treat each other,  how we treat the poorest of the poor, how we work with our desires, and so on.

The word missing in this article is sacred, that which we feel justified in worshipping and defending at all costs.



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