Elections, Mimetic Twins and Scapegoating

Suzanne Ross at The Raven Foundation speaks what feels true to me in her blog post today:

“Please don’t kid yourself that elections are about deciding who is the best person to represent the people in government. They are about identity, about knowing who we are and that who we are is good. Elections are scapegoating exercises in telling narratives about our goodness and our opponent’s wickedness.  … For Democrats, the Tea Party is this election cycle’s evil, racist monster which allows Democrats to know that, even though they may lose ground in the election, they are still the good party, the right party, the party of truth and justice. [Similarly,] Republican accusations against President Obama of being a racist, a hypocrite, a puppet of the rich or bent on destroying America. Sound familiar? The accusations echo one another because each side is scapegoating the other.”

This is what I am hearing in the election debates, and there doesn’t seem to be anything else on offer.


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