Demonising the Other Side – Literally

What can I add to this article? Other than it sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit …

“With Halloween less than two weeks away, radio giant Rush Limbaugh took a brief moment today to say President Obama looks “demonic” in some wire-service photographs posted online at the Drudge Report.

“‘These pictures, they look demonic. And I don’t say this lightly,’ Limbaugh said as he opened his program.

“‘There are a couple pictures, and the eyes, I’m not saying anything here, but just look,‘ he remarked about the president who has been campaigning for the re-election of fellow Democrats.

“‘It is strange that these pictures would be released … it’s very, very, very strange.’

“‘An American president has never had facial expressions like this,’ Limbaugh said. …

“The images have even prompted a Christian minister to consider apocalyptic possibilities regarding Obama.

“‘Could this be an accurate fulfillment of the biblical passage in Revelation 13:14 through 14:11 relating to the image of the beast that speaks?’ asks Pastor Thomas Belcher of Canada.”


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