Animal Dreams

So many dreams last night/this morning, including one in which my sister’s best friend from high school commits suicide, but what I most remember are the three corgis, one mini long-haired dachshund, yellow lab, large muscled Rottweiler, and German shepherd mix in that dream, plus the large brown bear on a glacier that we could walk to through a meadow path.

Then I had two dreams where I was making out with a guy named Randy (hah!) but he actually looked just like Doug from the HGTV channel. I was kissing his neck and so on in front of some other people, in an aimless yet passionate manner, and idly noticing that he was doing something else; when I asked what he was doing, he said it was “My Little Farm” — and he showed me a sort of Fisher Price kids’ toy —  and we cracked up, laughing happily and with abandon  for several minutes, and I thought, how good it is that we can enjoy a laugh like this.

When I woke up, I missed the glacier and the bear.


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