Browser Bar Roulette

In the manner of Josh and Jessamyn, I present the alphabet, according my browser’s URL autocomplete suggestions:

A is for Amazon Shopping Cart – my one-stop non-local Christmas shopping warehouse

B is for a Boston Herald article on a body found in the Arboretum – from October! Why?

C is for Chase Amazon – my credit card company website (account not linked)

D is for Save A Bookmark on Delicious – where I store them in the cloud; now I hear it’s about to be axed

E is for E-Poll surveys –  surveys in exchange for free stuff

F is for Facebook – I think I go to Flickr just as often but not as recently today

G is for Google Reader – my RSS feed

H if for HopStop – makes it easy to get around Manhattan by subway

I is for IMDB ‘Go for Zucker’ – a film I saw recently and wanted more info about

J is for an article by Julian Sanchez ‘Patriotism as Status Socialism (or, America: F**k Yeah!)’ – about ressentiment in American politics

K is for Kodak Gallery Saved Projects – because I made a family calendar as a Christmas gift

L is for Lake Sunapee Visiting Nurses Association – I made a donation to them recently

M is for Mascoma Savings – my local bank

N is for NH Dept of Transportation – I check on the status of the roads sometimes

O is for an Overcoming Bias post ‘Deathbed Regret is Far’ – I read Overcoming Bias most days, not sure why this one from a month ago pops up

P is for the Portland Press Herald – I read it occasionally

Q is for Quincy Shop – Unique Kids Art Supplies – I was doing some Xmas research for my nephew here. If I hadn’t been, there would be no Q example.

R is for the Pepsi Refresh Project: ‘Construct handicap accessible hallways, relocate school playground’ – Faith Education Foundation Building Fund Committee – an online fundraiser I click on every day right now on behalf of a friend

S is for Save Jekyll Island – please!

T is for The Animal Rescue Site – I click on it every morning (also The Hunger Site but that didn’t come up)

U is fora Girard conference at the Univ. of Western Sydney in January 2011 – that I’m not going to, boohoo

V is for a wreath I like at Viva Terra – looked at it as a gift for someone recently

W is for – I check is obsessively

X is forthe Xfinity [Comcast] mobile app for Android – don’t think I will be getting it now that I see what it does

Y is for YouTube, a video of Leaves Falling in our yard, posted 3 Nov. 2010 – but I have been on YouTube numerous times since this — like today. Why this one?

Z is for Zazzle Custom Stamps – I’m a big fan!

And a few numbers:

1 is for Big Banks Fact Sheet (pdf)  – Really it’s 10 (as in 10% is Enough) …

2 is for 20 Things I Learned: Cloud Computing (really, it’s 20 …)

3 is for 3 Cups: El Maestro Sierra Pedro Ximenez Sherry – something I want for Christmas

4 is for <nothing>

5 is for The $5 Dinner Mom’s $20 Holiday Gift Guide – I was not inspired

6 – 9 is for<nothing>

I read a lot everyday in Google Reader, without actually clicking through to the original blogs or website pages; I think this skews my browser’s autocomplete a bit. But some of this is just plain mysterious, like links to pages I haven’t visited in a month or more.

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