Mimetic Theory Sightings

(Previously, here.)

1. A kind of intellectual “Introduction to the Work of René Girard” by Peter Stork, at Paying Attention to the Sky. 13 Jan 2011. The lengthy article has sections on The Trajectory of Girard’s Thought, Main Features and Implications — including five chief elements (mimesis, metaphysical desire and transcendence, the mimetic crisis, the victim and the sacred, and the scapegoat), Acclaim and Criticism, Girard and the Judeo-Christian Tradition, Mimetic Theory and Historical Christianity.

At the same blog are a number of articles by others about mimetic theory and Girard, including Reading Selections from “René Girard for Holy Week” by Fr. Edward T. Oakes, S.J. (March 2010) and Selections from On War and Apocalypse by René Girard (Feb. 2010).


2. Mimetic theory and the scapegoating of Sarah Palin (14 Jan 2011). Scot McKnight at Jesus Creed describes how, in an effort to regain a sense of control and to find an outlet for fear and anger, some are scapegoating Palin in order to “rid her of influence.” (h/t Adam)


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