My Favorite Things

Jeez, only took me almost 3 years to come up with some of these … Well, I forgot about it for 2.6 yrs …

Inspired by a Notes of an Anesthesioboist posting from May 2008


Favourite Things

Animal: dog, elephant, rhino

Bird: cedar waxwing

Building: something minimalist or startling

City: NYC, London

Color: purple, grey

Country: don’t know enough of them to say

Experience: dreaming

Flower: spiderwort, French lilac, iris, white tulips, green parrot tulips

‘Foreign’ accent: British English (Hugh Laurie in particular)

Holiday: New Year’s Day

Invention: indoor plumbing

Museum: Philips Collection in DC

Outfit: casual, black or red

Painting: something by Mark Rothko, either Purple White and Red (1953), or White, Red on Yellow (1958), or maybe another.

Place: where I am at the moment, usually; also: Jekyll Island, GA

Saint: (unofficial) Thomas Merton

School subject: all

Scripture passage: Matthew 20: 1-15

Sport to do: walk, lift weights

Sport to watch, on TV: professional football, golf

Sport to watch, in person: baseball

State: all are interesting

Store: who cares

Time period: 1920s, 1890s


Books / Literary Favorites

Fictional characters: Melrose Plant (Martha Grimes’ novels); Hercule Poirot (Christie)

Magazine/periodical: The Oldie

Non-fiction book: something by James Alison or Pema Chodron

Novel for adults: Lying Awake by Mark Salzman

Novel for children: The Incredible Journey (1961) by Sheila Burnford

Novel for young adults: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

Picture book for children: Tuesday by David Weisner

Poem: ‘Sunday Morning’ by Wallace Stevens

Poet(s): Wallace Stevens, WB Yeats, TS Eliot, Mona Van Duyn, lots

Short story: don’t read them


Movies, Music, & Performing Arts Faves

Action movie: Foul Play

Actor: Cary Grant

Actress: Katharine Hepburn

Black-and-white movie: Holiday

Cartoon: Wallace & Gromit stories

Comedy (movie): Kind Hearts and Coronets

Drama (movie): Crimes and Misdemeanors (Woody Allen); After Life (Japanese)

Screen moments: the bathroom scene from AbFab’s ‘Fear’ episode; the ‘stick, stick’ moment from AbFab’s ‘The End’ episode; the dancing hippo and alligators from Fantasia; any scene from My Dinner with Andre.

Period flick: The Women (Clare Booth Luce)

Scary movie: Marnie (Hitchcock)

Sci Fi movie: none

Stand-up comedy: Eddie Izzard

T.V. shows: House MD; AbFab; Ballykissangel; Good Neighbors.

Play, comic: Crimes of the Heart (Beth Henley)

Play, dramatic: My Dinner with Andre (Andre Gregory/Wally Shawn)

Choral piece: In the Bleak Midwinter, sung by Chanticleer. Or whatever.

Christmas carol: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Orchestral work: Sibelius, Finlandia

Piano piece: Satie,  Gymnopédies, No. 1

Pop Song: Right now, Montego Bay (1970), Viva La Vida (2008, Coldplay), Nightswimming (1993, REM), The Lion’s Share (1989, 10,000 Maniacs), Girls in their Summer Clothes (2007, Springsteen), Indoor Fireworks and The Loved Ones (1986 and 1982, Elvis Costello), Pills (2005, version by The Perishers with Sarah McLachlan), etc.

Oldie: Moon River

Jazz artist: Charlie Haden, Stan Getz


Food Favorites

Appetizer: vegetable and seafood tapas in general, especially olives and shrimp

Beverage, cold: Negra Modelo beer with a lime

Beverage, hot: jasmine petal tea

Breakfast: beignets at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans, or shrimp & grits

Cake: fruitcake (made by Trappist monks); Panettone bread

Cheese: Manchego

Chocolate: M&Ms

Cookie: almost all

Dessert: chocolate mousse or crème brûlée

Dip: not much of a dipper, but perhaps guacamole

Fruit: pears; olives

Ice cream: cookie dough, coffee

Main Course: grilled fish

Meat/Fish: steamed crabs

Pasta: interesting ravioli

Rice dish: jasmine rice with butter; and veggie risottos.

Salad: something with arugula; Nicoise salad (sans anchovies)

Soup: cream of asparagus; cream of crab with sherry

Vegetable: roasted or grilled asparagus, artichoke, cauliflower au gratin, fresh raw peas, red bell pepper, etc.


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