Scenes from my trip to DC and Baltimore

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I took the lovely Amtrak Acela from Boston to Baltimore, then onward to DC, and back again, from 30 Jan to 3 Feb.  My schedule was as follows:

Sunday, 30 Jan – bus and train day, with dinner (at a Hampden restaurant whose name I can’t recall) and overnight in Baltimore with college friends R and Ch (et de la famille).

New London CT harbor, 30 Jan 2011
New London CT harbor
Baltimore digs, 30 Jan 2011
Baltimore digs

Monday, 31 Jan – up early, MARC train to DC, then Metro from Union Station to Dupont Circle to meet sister, nephew and his friend for late lunch at Kramerbooks/Afterwords, followed by good times walking and sheer enjoyment of the Museum of Natural History (butterfly pavilion! roots of Rastafarianism! preachy IMAX film on the Colorado River!) and the National Gallery of Art (water feature! Rothko! Dutch masters! other stuff), before meeting my sister’s friend (and mine) in Crystal City for lingering dinner at Ted’s Montana Grill (our second choice). Overnight in Falls Church.

Washington Monument with plane, 31 Jan 2011
Washington Monument with plane
Butterfly - Butterfly Conservatory - Museum of Natural History, 31 Jan 2011
Butterfly Conservatory - Museum of Natural History
Rothkos, National Gallery of Art - 31 Jan 2011
Rothkos, National Gallery of Art
Motherwell, 'Reconciliation Elegy,' National Gallery of Art, 31 Jan 2011
Motherwell, 'Reconciliation Elegy,' National Gallery of Art

Tuesday, 1 Feb – with icy roads and cancelled plane reservations for my nephew and his friend, we spent the morning indoors sleeping late, and plotting, planning and listening to crappy music on hold with airlines. In the afternoon, we ventured out to Fairfax, where sister and nephew lived for a year, to take a look at the old house and old middle school. Later: excellent but too hurried tapas dinner at Jaleo’s in downtown DC (7th and E Sts), and then I rushed to the Metro to get the MARC train back to Baltimore (so late I had to pay on board), and they ambled to the Caps-Canadiens hockey game nearby. That night, after MARC train back to Baltimore, I had another dinner that couldn’t be beat at Grand Cru (Belvedere Square) with aforementioned college friends R and Ch. On the MARC train, I called Amtrak and changed my train home to Thursday, because Wednesday looked to be a nasty travel day (and it was), with my bus cancelled on the far end.

Jaleo's table, 1 Feb 2011
Jaleo's table, 1 Feb 2011

Wednesday, 2 Feb – back in Baltimore for the day … Slept late, checked email and such, plotted bus route to Baltimore Museum of Art, then walked to meet R for lunch at Atwaters (at the handy Belvedere Square), which always has good food, and the shrimp and crab soup was no exception. We decided on dinner dishes, shopped for ingredients, and I carried them home, then realised (thanks, Jack!) that I needed stock for the risotto. And R needed fresh basil and a lemon for her mahi-mahi. Easily accomplished, because Eddies in Charles Village is near the BMA. Walked from their house to the bus stop, chatted for 35 mins with the other person waiting on the #11, and got to the BMA around 3:20. I get bored in about 15 mins at most museums, so I took some time to look and then to check my email, look, then check Facebook, etc. Taking pictures helped, too. Shopped the gift shop, looking in vain for a birthday card for spouse, then walked over to Eddies. No fresh sage for my dish, but they did have fresh basil, plus lemon, stock, etc.  I was early for my ride (R & Ch’s son, working at JHU), so spent 1/2 hour at a Donna’s coffee shop drinking a cafe au lait and reading up in City Paper on the latest scandal in town (The ‘Hon’ controversy). Home again, to prep dinner and enjoy Ch’s decanting skills. Dinner went late, chatting, whatever – bed around 1 a.m.

BMA - Calder and others, 2 Feb 2011
BMA - Calder and others


Reading about Hon at Donna's, 2 Feb 2011
Reading about Hon at Donna's
dinner prep, 2 Feb 2011
dinner prep
risotto, mahi-mahi and chard, 2 Feb 2011
risotto, mahi-mahi and chard

Thursday, 3 Feb – up early for ride to Penn Station with R before she went to work, then breakfast bagel at the station, and Acela on time at 9:34. Train all day, then bus (long ride, with Boston traffic, then accident back-up), then home around 7 p.m.


NYC, 3 Feb 2011
NYC (from north)
north of New Haven CT, 3 Feb 2011
north of New Haven CT
me on Acela, 3 Feb 2011
me on Acela

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