Overcoming Bias with Criticism

I really like this formulation of Alizah Salario’s at Bookslut, in an essay-list about the New Yorker magazine, women and criticism:

“I enjoy criticism when it validates my opinions, but I love it when it changes them. A film critic like David Denby can make me see why Black Swan, a movie I thought was eloquent and seamless, might also be ‘trashy and incoherent.’ Literary critic James Woods’s crystalline prose illuminates the shortcomings in Zadie Smith’s White Teeth, a novel I initially considered perfection. Great critics challenge the obvious, keep biases in check, and help their readers have more fulfilling artistic experiences.”



2 thoughts on “Overcoming Bias with Criticism

  1. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I read Denby’s critique of Black Swan before I saw it, and while I thought it was a beautiful film to look at, there were times when I laughed out loud at the over the topness. Time will not be kind to this film, I do not think.

  2. Laura, I haven’t seen the film or read the review, but I think if I do decide to see it, I’ll wait to read the review afterward :-)

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