Crying Today – 6

Two things (both about adoption, oddly) and it’s not even 9 a.m.

Western adoptions, Chinese mothers’ pain: A stunningly candid new book gives voice to the women whose daughters were taken from them, by Anne Kingston in MacLeans (11 March 2011):

“She says she once purchased cameras so that orphanages could photograph personal effects left with foundlings for their records. But when she returned, she was told the cameras had been ‘lost.’ ‘They laughed at me,’ she says. ‘They said, “You are silly. Westerners want something like McDonald’s — all shiny and new. They don’t want dirty old rubbish.”‘”


On NHPR (11 March 2011), an audio piece by Andrea Muraskin titled Southern Dogs Get New Homes in New England, about dogs transported from Kentucky, Alabama, West Virginia, and Georgia to new homes in Maine and New Hampshire, because otherwise they would be euthanised:

“‘Just a whole different mentality down south than it is up north.  Down South dogs are looked at more as property. Something you can dispose of when you get tired of it. Whereas up here, people spay and neuter more, have stricter laws on registration, and people make the dogs part of their family.'”

“There in the shopping center parking lot, a lone man waits for the transport.  He drove 5 hours from New Brunswick, Canada to adopt Ruthie, the Coonhound.”


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