Without Comment: Mimetic Theory in Marketing

The Last Psychiatrist unpacks marketing using one J Crew ad:

J Crew ad


“‘But now there’s a possibility the kid may become gay, or transgendered.’  The word you focused on is transgendered, the word J Crew wants you to focus on is possibilities.  The kid with the painted nails is young, doing something out of the norm.  He embodies possibilities, so J Crew embodies possibilities.

“If there is anything “bad” about this ad, it isn’t the transgenderism, but the Desire.  You are different from [the mom], but you desire to be her.

“The problem is that your desire doesn’t know the difference between real you and the aspirational you, and it relentlessly pursues the Symbolic.  Desire is never satisfied, it is never fulfilled.

“That’s what J Crew is banking on.”


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