Reading Lately

I didn’t cry until the end of this:  The last post, by Derek K. Miller, 1969-2011.

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Yes: on being, not being someone by Cheryl at [ hold :: this space ] … “suddenly I realised why Marianne Williamson’s quote above has always slightly set my teeth on edge. … Our worth comes from being, not from being someone.”

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Yes: Rejoice? Bin Laden and the cycle of violence by Simon Barrow at Ekklesia:

“This morning I woke to an orgy of media-fed delight about a violent death. According to Irenaeus, the second century Bishop of Lugdunum, ‘the glory of God is a human being fully alive.’ According to at least one politician I listened to on the radio, what pleases God most is an enemy brutally murdered. …

“President Obama … used a Medal of Honor ceremony to declare that the world is a safer place because of the death of bin Laden. This is most unlikely to be true. Already announcements are being made about the cycles of revenge that will almost certainly follow. …

“At a moment like this, it would be wrong not to extend heartfelt prayers for all those who lost loved ones at Ground Zero. If they feel a sense of vindication, it is hard not to sympathise. But it would be equally wrong not to acknowledge the deep damage that ‘rejoicing’ at another’s death does to the human spirit.”

“As theologian Walter Wink and Christian cultural anthropologist Rene Girard have said, the most primeval sites of sin in all human cultures are the ‘myth of redemptive violence’ (which believes that wrongdoing is undone by yet more wrongdoing) and the ‘scapegoat mechanism’ (whereby we mimetically seek to expel evil by projecting it wholly onto another and then killing that other in order to restore a supposed purity to the community).”


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