10 Random Things About My Mother

1.  She used to despise the squirrels in her yard;  now she loves them and feeds them (bread and crackers, not poison).  Alzheimers works in mysterious ways.

2. (Speaking of poisoning pigeons in the park,) she loves the song stylings of Tom Lehrer.

3. She’s a big Fox News watcher and Ollie North/Bush/GOP Party supporter. She also loves Leave it to Beaver.

4. She loves donuts, chocolate-covered cherries, and, in fact, most sweets. But through most of her adult years, she ate cereal, fruit cocktail, cottage cheese, and a moderate dinner of meat, starch and veggies, and she has always been slim (now skinny).

5. Smoking and drinking: she stopped both cold turkey, though neither voluntarily.

6. She once caused a small fire on the stove or oven at a summer beach rental and burned off her eyelashes and some of her hair. She had to be rolled up in a carpet to extinguish the flames.

7. She didn’t learn to drive. She has never visited me any place I’ve lived as an adult or in college.

8. I almost never recall her buying clothes, except for 3 long dresses for parties that she bought in one outing in the mid-1970s. I don’t know what prompted that splurge.

9. She got the giggles in church a lot.

10. She wore Chanel #5 most of her life.


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