2011 Book Summary

A la Jessamyn

number of books read in 2011: 55
number of books read in 2010: 34
number of books read in 2009: 74

(still have to compile 2006-2008)

number of books read in 2005:  37
number of books read in 2004: 46

average read per month: 4.6 books

average read per week: slightly more than 1 book
number read in worst month: 1 (May)
number read in best month: 12 (August)
percentage by male authors: 53% (29)
percentage by female authors: 47% (26)
fiction as percentage of total: >96% (53)
crime fiction as percentage of fiction total: 83% (44 of 53 books)
non-fiction as percentage of total: <4% (2)
percentage of total liked: 51% (28)
percentage of total ambivalent: 46% (25)
percentage of total disliked:  < 4% (2)


The limiting factor in my reading this year was availability of books I wanted to read. I spent a lot of time waiting for books to be published, to be processed at the library, and to arrive from inter-library loan. I read a lot more in the summer than during the rest of the year.

I found some new crime series this year ( Jo Nesbø’s Harry Hole series, which I love; Yrsa Sigurðardóttir’s Icelandic series, Asa Larsson’s Rebecka Martinsson series, Giles Blunt’s John Cardinal series, and M.R. Hall’s Jenny Cooper series, all of which I like; and Alex Kava’s Maggie O’Dell series and Johan Theorin’s series set in Sweden, which are OK) . The most surprising read for me was a bookgroup title, Ken Follett’s Fall of Giants, an historical epic set around WWI – I thought it would be tedious but it was interesting.

As usual,  I have been reading several non-fiction books in small doses all year but I didn’t finish them (I never seem to finish them!) so didn’t count them. I also read a lot of non-fiction (essays and articles) online.

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