Photo #19

shower area, 24 Jan 2012


We’ve had our bathroom remodeled. It’s the first thing we have ever really changed in a house in over 20 years and 4 houses. Gardens, yes, I’ve renovated and created a few. Not too few to mention. But interiors … not so much. We have done minor cosmetic improvements (ourselves) — sanding floors, replacing broken kitchen appliances (and water heaters, and a furnace), painting walls, buying drapes — but no remodeling on any scale at all.  This job required converting a family room closet into part of the previously too-small-to-shave-legs-in shower stall and seemed beyond our abilities, so we hired people. It was weird, and kind of expensive, but it’s almost done and it looks good and I hope it will function very well.

But the main thing is, after watching the movie Beginners, I feel like saying … “This is our bathroom, we use it for showering and peeing.”


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