Photo #23

bee inside anemone bloom, 27 Aug 2011
bee inside anemone bloom, 27 Aug 2011


My new garden is very much a work in progress, with the patio, pathways, and fence installed in summer 2010, then the shade beds and the borders along the back of the fence and the sunroom wall. In 2011, I added a border on one side of the house and another, connecting to it, along the front of the whole house and walkway. Those gardens will take a few years to fill in and look like they are meant to be there. Right now, they are more minimalist than I like in the garden, where I’m currently a fan of nature’s lavish wildness and intermingling of textures, colours and spirits.(Though a formal Mediterranean garden and a Japanese garden also enchant.)

I’m not sure what’s next for this garden but I will be working in it come April or May, doing something.

In the last couple of years, I have come to really love collecting plants: shrubs, trees, herbs and perennials that are unusual in texture, colour, size, aroma; those with variegated foliage and flowers;  plants with berries and other attractions for birds, bees, butterflies, and moths;  plants that are winter hardy, drought-resistant, and that don’t require much done for them; plants that as a group bloom early, late and long; herbs and edibles that we actually use;  but mainly, oddly shaped, swirling and spiraling, airy-fairy, layered, dwarfy and gigantic, drooping plants, and those shaped like a martini glass or a hydra.

I like a Dr. Seuss sort of look lately. Something that makes me clap my hands and laugh in joyous surprise. Even the anemone tormentosa above, with bumblebee, is amazing up close, with so much contrast in colour, shape and texture: the fuzzy backside of the flower petal, the veined front of it, the curvy ruffle of another petal, the soft textured round buds,the grey-green of the stems, and the overlay of the pink petal against the anthers bursting with yellow pollen. And then there is the bee.


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