From The Beginner’s Goodbye

Anne Tyler’s latest is The Beginner’s Goodbye (2012), a short novel set in Baltimore, as usual. It’s a story of grief, ghosts, family, and negotiating relationships.

Two bits I really liked:

That was one of the worst things about losing your wife, I found: your wife is the very person you want to discuss it all with.

I can so imagine that.

And this one is just like me!:

I tried that number, and this time I reached an actual human being. ‘Hell-o,’ a man said, too loudly.

‘Bryan Brothers?’


‘Gil Bryan?’


‘But you have a Gil Bryan?’


‘Could I speak to him, please?’

‘He’s out.’

‘Could I leave a message?’

‘Let me give you his cell.’

I wrote the number down, but I didn’t try it right away. The conversation with the first guy had worn me out.




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