Ovens Mouth East Preserve Walk

The Boothbay Region Land Trust does a great job of acquiring, managing, and communicating information about their many trails in the area.

On Tuesday, 29 May, we walked on trails in the Ovens Mouth East Preserve in Boothbay.  It’s the easier of the two Ovens Mouth trail systems; Ovens Mouth West is said to be ‘difficult,’ and as the day was rainy and the trails muddy, we opted for the less steep and rigorous path. Ours was slippery enough.

What we enjoyed most on this trail was watching the tidal waters swirling around and flowing apace. And we were happy to finish up before the rain started again! (You can see the fog and mist coming in in the later photos.)

Enjoy the slideshow!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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