Trust and The Edge

Saw these three quotes within the space of 5 minutes this afternoon, combined with Tricycle’s challenge to “Commit to Sit” (in meditation) each day in the month of February; they feel to me as though they are deeply connected. That is, that sitting, waiting, trusting, and seeking refuge are all intimately related to an uncomfortable, unknown place just outside what is familiar and comfortable. It’s not that we won’t suffer storms or deepest aches; it’s that we can wait, with calmness; we can wake up as we recognise the storm and the ache for what they are, without running from them. without making a big deal of them; and we can wait for “the answering call” to find us.


Whatever you feel is right at the edge of your familiar world, that’s the edge of your bodhisattva vow, the edge of your deep intention to wake up with what is. —Myogen Steve Stücky (here)




1621754_10152408577534206_577263527_n(Yes, I know who Hagee is, and while our views may not often agree, in this case they do.)

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