Welcome to day 11 of 31 Days of Heterotopias: Motels and Hotels, a month of posts about how motels, hotels, and inns function as heterotopias and liminal spaces in society.  Each post will look at these ideas from its own vantage point, which may not obviously connect with the others, and which may mention motels and hotels only peripherally or may focus on them without referencing heterotopia or liminality. I won’t attempt to tie the posts together. They’ll all be listed here, as they are posted.

This must be a special class of heterotopia: hotels and motels that one sees, admires, perhaps even tours, but in which one never actually spends a night. I mean, talk about ships that pass, a crossroads of the familiar + unfamiliar, a place that’s also a non-place, a threshold that one walks right up to — but doesn’t cross; or does cross, and then crosses right back.


This is the Hampton Inn & Suites, on Amelia Island (Fernandina), Florida, Dec. 2016. Those sherbet colours!



Here’s the Norseman Inn, on a spit of land at Ogunquit, Maine, June 2015.



I’ve eaten at the Bohemian Inn in Savannah, GA — Christmas breakfast one year, a dinner another year, drinks at Rocks on the River another year — but I’ve never stayed in the hotel. I’d like to but I am in love with the HIX there.

Dec. 2013
morning of 25 Dec. 2010
a blurry, modern elegance on the morning of 25 Dec. 2010


The Westin on Jekyll Island, GA, is new-ish (2014?). It’s always been rather empty when I’ve been there.

Dec. 2015
July 2016
Harry’s Observation Bar, outside, Dec. 2015
inside the almost empty Westin, Dec. 2015


This little Lighthouse Motel right on the beach in Pine Point (Scarborough), Maine was renovated recently and is now the Lighthouse Suites. It looks great. I’d like to stay here sometime.

pre-renovation, Dec. 2011
in the midst of renovation, May 2015
almost renovated, March 2016
post-renovation, June 2017


This is a Westin hotel in Savannah, GA, across the river from downtown Savannah; you can take a commuter ferry that runs every 20 minutes between it and downtown Savannah. I’ve taken the ferry a number of times, just for the fun of it, but never stayed in the hotel; it seems a bit inconvenient unless you’re attending a conference there.

ferries lined up outside Westin hotel across from downtown Savannah, Dec. 2013
pink camellias in front of Westin hotel, Dec. 2016
bee in pink camellias in front of Westin hotel, Dec. 2016
the Juliette Gordon Low ferry on the river, with downtown Savannah and the Georgia Queen boats in the background, Sept. 2008


And finally, the Jekyll Island Club Hotel, an iconic place to stay on Jekyll Island, GA, but though we’ve been visiting the island since the 1990s, we’ve never stayed here. We have had a few Christmas brunches, some other meals, and a tour of the hotel, however. Looks nice!

Christmas Day, 2015
Christmas Day, 2015
Sept. 2013
Christmas Eve 2016
Dec. 2015
the hotel annex, seen from a hotel room, April 2012
courtyard, April 2012
croquet lawn, seen from above, April 2012
pool, and river view, seen from above, April 2012
view of marsh and Sidney Lanier bridge, from a hotel room, April 2012
upstairs corridor, April 2012
dining room entrance, April 2012
bar, April 2012
afternoon tea set up, April 2012
tea room, April 2012
dining room for Christmas brunch, 2015
shrimp and other buffets, Christmas Day brunch, 2016
gravlax and smoked foods, Christmas Day brunch, Dec. 2015


I can’t wait to not stay at some other hotels and motels!


Featured image is Holiday Inn at Jekyll Island, GA.


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