As Easy As Falling Off A Cliff: Part II

(This blog post began here.) The second speaker of the day was Matt Slaughter.  He’s Associate Dean of the Tuck MBA program, as well as professor of management there, and economic adviser to the Congressional Budget Office, Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, member of the U.S. State Dept’s Advisory Committee on Tax Policy Reform, etc.  More here. His talk was titled “Is the U.S. Bankrupt? Or ‘Merely’ Dysfunctional.” The more sobering of the two talks, certainly. He outlined his talk: — America’s Fiscal Past, Present and Future — So, What Do We Do? – Economics — So, … Continue reading As Easy As Falling Off A Cliff: Part II

The Measure of a Man

Astrophysicist and computer scientist Larry Smarr is the “measured man,” the focus of the Atlantic’s July/Aug article by Mark Bowden: When Larry works out, an armband records skin temperature, heat flux, galvanic skin response, and acceleration in three dimensions. When he sleeps, a headband monitors the patterns of his sleep every 30 seconds. He has his blood drawn as many as eight times a year, and regularly tracks 100 separate markers. He is on a first-name basis with his ultrasound and MRI technicians, who provide him with 3-D images of his body, head to toe. Regular colonoscopies record the texture … Continue reading The Measure of a Man