Books Read, 2009

Books read in 2009: (previous lists: 2004, 2003, 2002) January Scarpetta (2008) by Patricia Cornwell. Forensic crime fiction.  Excellent. Offshore (1979) by Penelope Fitzgerald. For bookgroup. Won Booker Prize. Not sure why … February Before the Frost (2004) by Henning Mankell. Police procedural/thriller set in parts of Sweden and in Copenhagen, Denmark. Begins with the killings at Jonestown, Guyana. Good. Jesus’ Plan for a New World: The Sermon on the Mount (1996) by Richard Rohr. Some quibbles, but in all, I liked it and found it inspirational. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle (2007) by Barbara Kingsolver. Tedious, amusing, informative, interesting, irritating, engaging, … Continue reading Books Read, 2009

Crime Fiction Book List: Disabled isn’t Unable

This crime fiction book list includes books and series featuring a character whose physical, emotional or mental limitations figure in the plot or character development of the stories or series. The character may be disabled in some way but is still able to solve, or perhaps commit, crimes. The list was compiled with the help of the Fiction-L listserv in March 2009. It’s sorted by author’s last name. Additions always welcome; just email me. _________________________________________________________ Jane A. Adams. Naomi Blake series. Blake is a blind ex-policewoman in the Midlands of England. Mourning the Little Dead (2002) Touching the Dark (2003) … Continue reading Crime Fiction Book List: Disabled isn’t Unable