Books Read 2010

Once again (2009, 2004, 2003, 2002), I kept track of what I read this year. January A Fatal Grace (2006) by Louise Penny, in the Three Pines series with Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, set near Montreal. Because the series is set in this very small fictional village, the killer is likely someone who’s not a ‘regular,’ which narrows the field quite a bit.  In this one, set in snow and frigid cold from Christmas to New Year’s Day, a vapid and cruel woman is killed in a ridiculously contrived manner during a curling game, and then a bag lady in … Continue reading Books Read 2010

Books Read 2009 – Summary

Shamelessly copying Jessamyn, I’ve compiled stats for my 2009 reading: number of books read 2009: 74 average read per month:  6 average read per week:  1.4 number read in worst month: 2 (January) number read in best month:  11 (May) percentage by male authors:  41% percentage by female authors: 58% (one was a compilation written by men and women) fiction as percentage of total: 96% crime fiction as percentage of fiction: 83% non-fiction as percentage of total:  4% percentage of total liked:  70% percentage of total ambivalent:  20% percentage of total disliked:  10% Notes: Non-fiction: I read more non-fiction than … Continue reading Books Read 2009 – Summary