My Favorite Things

Jeez, only took me almost 3 years to come up with some of these … Well, I forgot about it for 2.6 yrs … Inspired by a Notes of an Anesthesioboist posting from May 2008 _______________________________________________________________ Favourite Things Animal: dog, elephant, rhino Bird: cedar waxwing Building: something minimalist or startling City: NYC, London Color: purple, grey Country: don’t know enough of them to say Experience: dreaming Flower: spiderwort, French lilac, iris, white tulips, green parrot tulips ‘Foreign’ accent: British English (Hugh Laurie in particular) Holiday: New Year’s Day Invention: indoor plumbing Museum: Philips Collection in DC Outfit: casual, black or … Continue reading My Favorite Things

We Like Lists Because We Don’t Want To Die

And because we don’t want to die, we like limitless, endless things, which lists are, more so than definitions. At the same time that lists can be infinite and always added onto, they can also be ordered and thereby create a kind of protection from anarchy, by making infinity comprehensible. So says Umberto Eco in an interview with Spiegel. Eco’s current exhibition at the Louvre is about “the essential nature of lists, poets who list things in their works and painters who accumulate things in their paintings”: “What does culture want? To make infinity comprehensible. It also wants to create … Continue reading We Like Lists Because We Don’t Want To Die

One Week

I’ve lived in the new house for one week now, as of 4 p.m. today. My feelings and thoughts so far: In general, the house is feeling like a home but New London doesn’t. I miss my old town  and my friends, routines, and places there. What I miss about the old house: the deck (a lot): being able to blend almost seamlessly the inside and outside is very important for me from spring through fall. the fence around the yard for the dog: taking her out on the leash is cumbersome and inconvenient for both the dog and me, … Continue reading One Week